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Scar Stories, 2022
Documenting stories of folks impact by breast cancer.



Sabrina, a BRCA 1+ “pre-vivor,” received a double mastectomy two days after her 31st birthday.

“I wish people knew that this journey is not just a physical time-limited transformation.

It’s something that is ongoing,
it becomes a piece of who you are and your identity.

It may be more acute at certain times, like around surgeries, but the presence of these changes manifest physically and mentally long-term, in even the most mundane moments.”



Leanne received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2021, while taking care of her young child during the pandemic.

“What makes me feel safe?
Laying in bed beside my man.
Holding my sweet baby boy.
Laying outside on a blanket in the sun on the ground like a lizzard.
Taking baths.”

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